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I see my role in the art that I create as if I were a Ranger character in Dungeons and Dragons - exploring stealthily through uncertain terrain, hunting or befriending strange creatures, and bringing back elements of this fantasy world.

I conceptualize objects and bring them to life using foam latex, wax, silicone, and resin, and use recognizable elements to ground the fantasy subjects in reality. My work is the small slivers, everyday objects from this alternate reality I see. These relics are a clue to a larger universe, and my aim is to bring us closer to integrating it within our own daily lives.

Following High school, I took a few fundamental college art courses for the purpose of attending art school. I made the decision to take my own knowledge of makeup and become an FX artist. I started out helping and assisting in garage shops to working at Legacy Fx. With my experience and knowledge from working at Legacy Fx, I have been able to refine my own art skills and abilities. Iā€™m currently learning 3D modeling, mainly in Zbrush/ Blender, then applying it to Unity (game development).

-Diego Rodriguez